Imerovigli, Santorini: Panorama Shot

Santorini Photos

As a part of the Cyclades, Santorini is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands. It is known for its exceptionally dramatic views and the quaint town of Thira. Photographers in the area enjoy trips to its active volcano and views of the surreal sunsets in Oia. From fantastic beaches to panoramic views, this island is a photographer’s dream location. 

Santorini is often considered to be one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It boasts of a semicircular shape. This unusual design was caused by a volcanic explosion in the 1600s. The volcanic explosion transformed a half-submerged mountain into an island shaped around a crescent caldera. In the past, some residents have speculated that the volcanic explosions on Santorini were the original beginning for the myth of Atlantis. 

When traveling to Santorini, visitors must make sure to step outside the main town of Fira. The surrounding villages keep alive ancient traditions and are dotted with vineyards, churches, gardens and cave houses.

As a little boy the author of this site went to Greece for holiday and was always blown away by the postcards showing scenes from that beautiful island located in the Greek Aegean sea. This site is dedicated to Santorini and it's beauty, trying to show photos from different perspectives not only showing the well-known tourist attractions or typical postcard subjects..

Additional photographs taken on Santorini will show the Caldera, the principal city Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Akrotiri and numerous landscape and scenery photos. Please check back soon for more stock photos and royalty free licenses.