Just 3 km north of Fira Imerovigli (Greek: Ημεροβίγλι) sits high on top of the crater rim offering an excellent view to the Caldera. The name of Imerovigli originates from the Greek word vigla which has the meaning "view spot". Besides the impressive organic architecture Imerovigli offers an impressive amount of sights and photo subjects. One of them, the castle of Skaros, the remains of a Venetian Castle built in 1207, is dominating the view from Imerovigli and also seen from Santorini's capital Fira. 

Imerovigli has numerous beautiful churches, made in the typical Cycladic architectural style. They most notable is the church of Ai-Stratis, in the centre of the village, and the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos, on the road connecting Imerovigli to Santorini's capital city Fira. Hotels, villas but also the typical traditional cave houses are plentiful in Imerovigli. There are also numerous cafes and taverns offering a stunning view to the caldera.